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May 21 2018

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no moment like the present moment

This is the emotional polar opposite of this image:

holy shit

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no!!!!!!!!!!!!! not this agaim

He Is

At the queer cafe


Barista: “I have a medium grande fig newton fleet water no-foam cappuccino with almond milk on the bar.”

Person with an undercut: “Isn’t almond milk kinda problematic?”

Polyamorous man with a beard: “I’m polyamorous.”

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Blood vessels of a real person who dedicated their body to science for display

How are these so clean like WOw bruh scalpel game strong

This is a corrosion model eg something like liquid plastic gets inserted in the blood vessels and then put in an acid bath that destroys the body.


nigga thought they went in with an xacto

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May 20 2018

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Good, I will have died on my own terms

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but where’s the compensation

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Has anyone added the original yet????

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elected officials think abandoning fire safety codes is a more reasonable solution to school shootings than gun control, so i guess satire is dead


Why is every post about “cop propaganda on TV” about brooklyn 99, a lighthearted comedy, and not Cops, a 30-year-long show whose entire content is “Watch Officers Chase Down and Arrest These Horrible Criminals In Real Life to Keep You Safe” that has actually been studied to vastly over-represent black men as perpetrators and white people as victims or non-violent offenders and has a measurable effect on its viewers perceptions of police and of races different from their own.

Weird how one of the most diverse, inclusive comedies on TV right now is taking the most criticism in this area.

Just two folks at Cainhurst Castle


“What’s that creature? I thought it was a gargoyle.”
“That, dear cousin, is a Lost Child of Antiquity, a pitiful, mocking beast, twisted into a chiropteran form by its lust for blood.”
“What is that thing licking blood down in the courtyard?”
“That’s a Bloodlicker.”


*knock knock*

“Anyone there?”

“Ah ha! You are here. Won’t you let me in?”

“No? I’m afraid you won’t have a choice in the matter.”

“That should do it!”

“Now, now. Don’t be afraid.”

“I’m only here for your life.”

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AS I POINTED OUT IN THE MALL TODAY though this sign is really alarming because they’re going for a play on “de-tox” but they opted to remove the “de” for their pun which kind of fundamentally changes its message

*fills bath with sea toxins* self-care

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